Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bristol bound...

On our way to Bristol tomorrow for a few days staying in a hotel, while Milo starts his university course in songwriting at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music and I look for a job. We're moving in a week, so this is the intermediate step in between moving from Milo's parents to being properly by ourselves. Tomorrow is a new moon, so I feel that cosmically we are in a great position to start our life in Bristol. The new moon is supposedly the best time during the lunar month to begin new projects and phases, so it's a new move, a new moon and I'm just starting my "moon cycle".

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Niceities for a fiver...

I made this headband out of a stretchy brown headband and attached a brooch given to me by a friend of Milo's sister Sidonie.

For a few years now I've been dreaming about a pair of leopard print chucks and a few times I've almost come close to finding them online, only to realize that they were about 60 bucks, which anyone who knows me knows that I am a supreme bargain shopper. Imagine my surprise and whimpers of delights when I found these babies for a fiver in a basement Sports World shop in the bowels of Northampton town. Please don't ask me why I ventured into Sports World alone....

Cards and more cards

She sells seashells, by the seashore...

A few pictures of coral shell earrings that I've been making.
My best friend Emma sent me a white fringe with lots of these shells on it from a haberdashery shop in France to use for customizing. I've been creating lots of earrings out of these shells and twisted metal

Two best loves, Milo and my little sis Stephie

Friday, September 26, 2008

Why I can't wait to move to Bristol...

Just a few piccies to show my frusteration at how I've been living for the past few months (that is: out of two suitcases that are on top of Milo's bed which he's so kindly let me take over while we sleep on a futon on the floor)

The upside of this frustrating and confusing time is the beauty that exists all around me... here's what I see in the morning when I look out the window (that beauty of a plant is our fuschia plant Mr. Bud Pleasedontdie)

I have tons more blogging that I'd like to do, but after an epic but much needed conversation with my Emsy, I'm knackered and off to re-watch the first season of Weeds with Milo because the damn Vicar of Dibley is the only thing on TV right now.

The need for organization...

I've made a calendar set to put on our fridge in our new flat that runs from October until June. Each page has a pocket in the front to keep little things like notes, water bills and tickets, etc. I think instead of attaching the pages together, I'm going to stick month by month up with magnets.

I apologize for the photo quality on the next few posts, because I've been using my shitty camera instead of Milo's upgraded version.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New cards

I've been a busy, busy bee making lots of cards...

Knitty gritty :o)

Finished my first hat! I'm embarassed to say that I still don't know how to purl yet and am trudging on with just a knit stitch so far. I want to join Bristol's Stitch and Bitch, so I felt the need to get back into knitting again, since it's been a few years since my last scarf. Milo and I went with his family to see alpacas at a cute farm that has a knitting shop attached to it and I found these adorable ceramic buttons and decided to make a knit scully cap to attach them to. I'm quite pleased with my first attempt and am thinking about using the remainder of the stretchy purple wool to make some leg warmers to wear under my winter boots.


Paper clips and buttons

Been making tons of earrings recently with all of my free time, to sell on my etsy and also starting to stock up for the Bath Christmas Craft Show on 29 November. It'll be my first craft show so I'm a bit nervous, yet really excited at the same time!

Charity Shop Love!

I had to post a picture of my sweetest and newest find at the Salvation Army in Northampton. I've been looking all over for a puffy vest like this one from Firetrap and I got it for only a tenner, plus a cute little mustard cotton vest for a quid. I generally love bargain hunting, but have been so bored recently waiting for the big move that any little purchase has become amazing, like last week when at the same charity shop I found a chocolate brown vest made out of fur and a raspberry tweed jacket with embroidered flowers. Because I'm silly and a pleasure delayer, I've been saving up all of my newly acquired clothing and not letting myself wear it until I get to Bristol.

Moving day is finally 10 days away!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pump up the jam!

Today I made jam, for the very first time.... jam, jam and more jam. I've been staying with my boyfriend Milo and his parents for a few weeks while we're waiting to move into our new flat in Bristol. We're out in the English countryside and while sometimes (actually, most of the time) it makes this city girl feel stir crazy and removed from the busyness that makes me feel complete, it does have it's charm and is amazingly beautiful.
I've pasted a mosaic of some pictures that I took over the summer around Stoke Bruerne.

Today Milo and I went foraging for blackberries in the fields around his house and came back with purple stained fingers and a large metal bowl filled with plump and delicious blackberries. I came back and made blackberry and grapefruit jam using this recipe that doesn't use pectin, but I feel like it has too much sugar in it... only time will tell. Also to get in to the autumn season and because I had a craving, I made a little bit of blackberry applesauce. Yum!

Unveiling For Esme, With Love

The first blog is always the most difficult to create, because you sit there with a blank spot trying to figure out a clever way to fill it. Also, you wonder if anyone will every read it, so is there even a point to being clever.

So I'll opt out of the first post, by saying hello and welcome to For Esme, With Love my new craftastic venture. I believe that when you begin something, you should start with big dreams and aspirations to what you eventually want to achieve. For me I'd like to be able to support myself making things, being creative, teaching yoga, dancing, writing, etc; so this is the first step in creating that life for myself.

Oh, and I'm having major craft room envy at the moment....