Saturday, December 13, 2008

Return to cookie mountain...

Well, Christmas is well and truly here... I'm baking cookies, making and wrapping my Christmas gifts and exchanging presents with Milo early because we aren't going to see each other over the holidays. Is anyone else getting into the holiday spirit? What are you getting up to?
Tomorrow night is the crafty ladies holiday party and I'm so excited! We're exchanging crafty secret santas. I can't tell you what I've made or else I might ruin a crafty ladies' secret suprise.

Milo got me the Sex and the City movie and mango & berry sorbet for Christmas. So sweet! That's how we'll be spending our evening tonight (with a bottle of wine too)


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Carboot Circus

I'll be selling some goodies at my friend Lucy's table at Carboot Circus on Saturday... if you're in Bristol, come join us!

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...

yes yes.. you know it... without a dope beat to step to!

Hello, hello.. I'm back again! It's been a crazy few weeks and I needed to stop blogging while I immersed myself in other things. Where to start though, I initially became really busy right before the craft fair on 29 November, so put my head down and put the finishing touches on my crafty products. It didn't actually go as well as I would have liked, but no one around me was making any money either so I didn't take it personally. I wound up getting a lot of positive feedback about my earrings (particularly the paperclip and button earrings).
Here's a few photos of my table at the Bath Craft Fair

Milo and I are so broke right now because I didn't work for the month of November, so broke that we can't even afford a Christmas tree. So in the can-do spirit, I decided to make my own Christmas tree out of Milo's keyboard box
Isn't it just the cutest tree you've ever seen?!

In the past two weeks I've...
1. started and quit a rubbish job
2. studied my bum off for the GRE
3. took the GRE and did really well (California/Oregon grad school here I come!)
4. Found a new job nannying with a really lovely family

I've decided to go home to Philadelphia for Christmas, as I'm in between jobs at the moment and won't start my new job until January. I'm so excited to spend Christmas with my family, eventhough I'll miss Milo soo much. It's been ages since we've even spent a night away from each other. Can't wait to see these pumpkinheads! (My little sister and little brother)